Ressources Appalaches: Appointment of an Engineering Team for the Dufferin Mine

Ressources Appalaches: Appointment of an Engineering Team for the Dufferin Mine

Ressources Appalaches announce the appointment of Mr. Andre de Guise, a mining engineer, for the reopening of the Dufferin Gold Mine, in Nova Scotia. The engineering supervision for restarting the mine will now be under the management of this mining engineer, in association with Mr. Alain Hupe, Senior Geologist, who will be responsible for exploration matters.

Andre de Guise, the Director of Operations, is a mining engineer with more than 35 years of experience at the head of a variety of underground mining operations. He acted as Manager of the Beaver Brook Mine, in Newfoundland, where he was responsible for restarting operations at the site, which had been mothballed for more than ten years. His main tasks were to draw up an action plan, to dewater the mine, to bring the mine’s underground workings up to current standards, to modernize the mill, and to reactivate the various support facilities. As Vice President of Operations for Mines Richmont Inc., he was responsible for activities at two vein-gold mines as well as a mill. Mr. de Guise was previously the Manager of Mines Seleine and of the Bell Division of LAB Chrysotile Inc. In addition to his technical abilities, Andre de Guise will bring to Appalaches his knowledge and contacts in the mining world.

The Dufferin Mine site has been studied in detail by the new Director of Operations in order to establish a plan of action for restarting the 300 tonne/day mill and to select an appropriate mining method for the underground workings. The work now under way is aimed at putting the Dufferin Mine back into production as quickly as possible.

The Dufferin Mine was operated sporadically by various companies from the late 1990s until 2003. The major infrastructure – a processing plant, a fully-equipped and developed mine, a power line, an access road, and all of its valid operating permits – represent a starting value that will now benefit Appalaches by correspondingly reducing the initial startup investment.

“A gold price of US$250 to $300 per ounce, an excessive initial investment, a lack of geological control, and an inefficient mill seem, in our view, to have caused the difficulties in the previous operations. With the acquisition of the mine and its existing facilities, Appalaches should be in a position to restart the mining and processing operations at a limited capital cost, and at a faster pace.” notes Andre de Guise, the Director of Operations.

Photos of the Dufferin Mine and its mining facilities are available on the Company’s website at

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