Royal Standard Minerals Inc.: Goldwedge Project, Nye County, Nevada

Royal Standard Minerals Inc.: Goldwedge Project, Nye County, Nevada

The latest shipment of gold concentrates to Metals Research, the offsite facility has resulted in the production of 257 ounces of dore’. This current shipment of dore’ and the previous shipment that resulted in the production of 149.01 ounces dore’ are currently stored at the processing facility for safe storage. Upon the accumulation of at least 1,000 ounces dore’ this product will be transferred to a gold refining facility to produce gold bullion. Plans include another gold concentrate shipment to the above mentioned facility in a few days.

This effort concludes the initial test program of mining and recovery of the gold mineralization from this property using gravity recovery methods only. Plant modifications will be necessary to achieve the level of gold concentrate production required to maximize economic returns. Plant modifications will include the installation of a larger ball mill to increase grinding capability in order to achieve higher throughput rates. These modifications are to start immediately with the removal of one of the current ball mills and the installation of a larger ball mill.

Additionally, the testing by Metcon Research of a closed-circuit cyanide leach plant has indicated that this system could achieve gold recoveries in the mid 90% range for this gold mineralization. Plans include the further planning and installation of this system which will require an additional permit from the State of Nevada-NDEP. Plant modifications will be made to prepare for these changes.

During this period the mining of gold mineralized material and the surface and underground drilling program will continue at the Goldwedge property.

RSM is a natural resource exploration and development company.

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