Shell Taps Octaga to Develop Ormen Lange 3D Solution

Shell Taps Octaga to Develop Ormen Lange 3D Solution

Octaga said that it has been selected by Shell to develop 3D real-time solutions for its Ormen Lange project.

Shell is taking over as operator for Ormen Lange, Norway’s biggest gas production field, by October 2007. The Anglo-Dutch major will operate the land-based process plant at Nyhamna, located in Aukra municipality on the Norway’s northwest coast.

In such a large and complex processing plant, there is a need for efficient tools for real-time, 3D data

visualization that can supplement existing CAD tools. Such advanced viewing tools can exploit existing CAD data assets for simulation of operations and maintenance procedures, inspection and training. The intention of using these tools is to save time and reduce costs in the planning and execution of maintenance and operations and making it a better place to work.

This is the backdrop for the joint-product development between Shell’s Ormen Lange Project Organization and Octaga. Octaga has a proven technology platform that will be customized with functionality specified by operators and maintenance personnel. The CAD model of the process plant represents an enormous amount of data that is continually updated. This puts special requirements for handling of large models on the viewing technology.

“The unique aspect of this project is that the new viewing product will provide a simplified and intuitive interface with high visual quality for viewing the complex CAD data,” says Tor Guttorm Jensen, project manager at Shell. “This will be achieved without the need for post-production or loss of critical property information. With its high performance, high-quality rendering technology, extensive user-interface toolkit, and flexible and adaptable viewers, Octaga is well positioned to provide Shell with its 3D viewing needs for Ormen Lange.”

The joint product will be based on Octaga Modeller, a unique parametric 3D technology that is being used in engineering and construction. A new version of Octaga Modeller, with this extended functionality will be released in Q4 2006 and be of interest to similar process plants projects world-wide.

Octaga AS is based in Oslo, Norway and was established 2001 as a spin-off company from Telenor R&D. Today it is a major vendor of 3D viewing software products for industries such as oil and gas, construction, engineering and maritime. Octaga Player/Professional viewers for interactive 3D (X3D, VRML and MPEG-4) are in use by an estimated 500,000 users worldwide. Octaga focuses on providing visualization solutions for industrial customers such as FMC Technologies, Statoil, Hydro, and Vetco

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