Significant Uranium Oxide Values Confirmed on DIOS Opinaca Nord Project

Significant Uranium Oxide Values Confirmed on DIOS Opinaca Nord Project

DIOS EXPLORATION reports its final results from last year end follow-up program on its OPINACA NORD uranium project (option to earn 50% from its partner Sirios Resources), LaGuiche metasedimentary Basin, James Bay area, Quebec, Canada. DIOS is operator of the project.

The uranium radioactive zone reaching 800 meters long (targets A1, A2, A3) returned values of 0.617%, 0.162 and 0.103% uranium oxides (U308) during the winter of 2008 from outcrop rock samples taken during the 2007 year end program. The 2009 results return three samples with 0.174%, 0.120%, and 0.078% U3O8 values, from eleven new grab samples collected on the outcropping A1-2-3 zone. The mineralization consists of disseminated uranophane and uraninite (uranium minerals) within rocks called migmatites (paleosomes). These sample assays result from the 2008 Fall field work program, undertaken to explore in detail this kilometre size helicopter borne spectrometric anomaly. Field readings (radiation solution RS-120 & 125) on this first-priority area averaged from 2000 to 5000 cps, up to 14 000 cps (counts per second).

Also, the Ministere des Ressources Naturelles et de la Faune du Quebec reported the discovery of emeralds in the area, actually on the OPINACA NORD property of DIOS and Sirios. Microprobe analysis is required to check if these green beryl minerals are effectively chromium bearing (sensu stricto emeralds). These green beryls should also be assessed for their gem potential. The OPINACA NORD property is located in a geological environment favourable to emeralds, with the proximity of ultramafic intrusive bodies, which could have provided chromium, necessary for emeralds.

Further south, another radioactive area (target D1) was also investigated, but none of the two new grab samples returned significant values (less than 0.01% U3O8). Field readings (RS-120 & 125) in this area averaged from 1000 to 4000 cps. The DIOS’ team is of the opinion it has uncovered a new uranium potential district in Quebec, with all its new uranium discoveries in the Opinaca area, for instance with the discoveries of the significant on Upinor, with a multitude of outcrop samples grading over 0.1% uranium oxide up to over 2 % U3O8.

DIOS is in a good financial position to face the actual financial crisis with its 5 M$ non-flow through working capital to pursue its exploration programs: a research budget of $1.86 million was approved by management for year 2009. DIOS focuses on its high potential research programs, without incurring any share capital dilution in the short term. DIOS has only some 34,333,839 shares and no warrants outstanding. The exercise price of outstanding options as of April 15, 2009 averages $0.48.

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