Silver Shield Again Increases Gold Property Holdings in West Timmins Area

Silver Shield Again Increases Gold Property Holdings in West Timmins Area

Silver Shield Resources continues to expand its land holdings in what continues to be Canada’s hottest Gold exploration play, the West Timmins Area. The Company has recently added 13 un-patented mining claim units, covering an area of 208 ha, to the southern boundary of the Lost Dog Property, in south central Denton Township.

Tim Towers, CEO commented, “It is our belief that these claims, attached on the south side of the Lost Dog, was a key property for us, and we feel that this extension of our ground to the south is necessary to enhance and protect the high exploration potential of Lost Dog.”

Surface exploration work, including Magnetic and deep penetration IP surveys have recently been commenced on the Lost Dog, and the Company is awaiting final results on this initial work. Anomalies generated by these surveys will be “ground truthed” by geological mapping, and a stripping and trenching program this summer, and other areas will be tested with soil geochemistry. Follow-up diamond drilling of the anomalies will be conducted in the fall and winter exploration programs

The properties are underlain by a suite of felsic to intermediate intrusive rocks of the Kenogamissi Batholith, an older potassium feldspar-porphyry granodiorite that outcrops in the southern half of the property and extends across the property and a younger biotite-hornblende granodiorite that has intruded the feldspar porphyry granodiorite. These rocks have been variously affected by the Porcupine-Destor Fault Zone, and sub-parallel splay structures that are interpreted to cross the Lost Dog Property. The Gold deposits in the Timmins area appear to be also closely associated with these splay faults that trend off of the Porcupine Destor fault.

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