Simu-Gas(TM) ELDS Technology Eliminates Need for Field Testing of SenseLine Gas Detectors

Simu-Gas(TM) ELDS Technology Eliminates Need for Field Testing of SenseLine Gas Detectors

Senscient’s newly introduced SenseLine ELDS Series of Open Path Gas Detectors (OPGDs) will feature Simu-Gas(TM), a patented technology that eliminates the requirement for in-field gas testing of SenseLine(TM) ELDS gas detectors. Simu-Gas provides the long sought-after ability to accomplish remote, on command, functional testing of open path gas detectors from a remote PLC safety control center or PDA. This labor-saving test method is based on the company’s Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDS) technology.

Simu-Gas technology controls both the synthesis of laser diode drive waveforms in a transmitter and the recognition of “Harmonic Fingerprints” by a receiver. Unique “Harmonic Fingerprints” are produced by the absorption of the transmitter’s laser diode radiation under conditions that are maintained by reference to a retained sample of target gas.

On demand, the SenseLine transmitter adds a unique Harmonic Fingerprint to the laser diode drive waveforms and sends a faithful simulation of target gas along the monitored path.

When the SenseLine receiver sees the Harmonic Fingerprint it calculates, then outputs a corresponding quantity of target gas. Correct functionality of the gas detector is confirmed by simple comparison of the receiver gas reading to the quantity of target gas simulated by the transmitter.

Testing can be reliably performed remotely at any desired frequency with automatic data logging, and without having to physically access individual gas detectors or handle hazardous gas cylinders. Simu-Gas eliminates potential for operator exposure to hazardous gases with remote functional testing. “By reducing the cost and risk of functional testing to virtually zero, remote functionality confirmation and the achievement of high SIL ratings (safety and integrity levels) for gas detection systems will become the norm,” predicts Jean Berthold, Senscient CMO, VP.

The SenseLine ELDS open path gas detector systems feature three orders of magnitude better sensitivity for detecting flammable gases and — for the first time — false alarm-free, low ppm level toxic gas detection. The new Senscient OPGD product line is designed to meet new safety requirements in the Oil, Gas and Petroleum Processing industry.

Senscient will be exhibiting their SenseLine detectors with Simu-Gas technology and a working demo of their SenseLine OPGD system at the ISA EXPO 2008, Reliant Center, Houston, TX, 10/14/2008 – 10/16/2008 in booth 1764.

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