SIRIOS Obtains up to 23.8 g/t in Gold on the ESCALE Property

SIRIOS Obtains up to 23.8 g/t in Gold on the ESCALE Property

SIRIOS RESOURCES INC. announces encouraging results of a short prospecting program that was undertaken this summer on its ESCALE gold property in James Bay, Quebec. An 8 square km area located on the newly acquired claims in 2007 reveal an excellent gold potential in the meta-sedimentary rocks. On twelve chosen samples collected on outcrop areas or on boulders of that area eight show grades varying between 0.1 g/t and 23.8 g/t in gold, and two between 0.35% and 1.1% in zinc. Gold mineralization is found either in banded iron formations mineralized in sulphur (arsenopyrite and pyrrhotine) or in silicified meta-sedimentary rocks with quartz and pyrite veinlettes. Additional prospecting will be undertaken in the next few days in the chosen area.

Eighty-six grab samples were collected during the prospecting campaign. Overall, twenty (23%) showed gold grades higher than 0.1 g/t and averaging 1.8 g/t including four samples grading: 1.4 g/t; 2.5 g/t; 3.3 g/t and 23.8 g/t. The latter is by far the best grade obtained on the property to date and five times greater than the highest grade ever obtained on the project. A rock-saw channel sample completed in the extension of the known Centre-2 showing (up to 2.9 g/t in gold in an arsenopyrite rich meta-sedimentary rock) graded 0.15 g/t in gold over 10 m. Furthermore, three meta-sedimentary rock samples graded respectively 1.08%; 0.35% and 0.26% in zinc.

All rock samples were sent to ALS-Chemex Val D’Or laboratory, using atomic absorption technique for gold and ICP for all other elements. Industry-standard quality controls were applied, including blank, standard and duplicate inserts in the sample series.

Work on the ESCALE property are undertaken by SIRIOS according to the agreement from last July, whereas a private company can acquire 50% interest in the property for exploration expenditures totalling 1.25 M$ over four years, including a firm $150,000 commitment the first year and payments totalling $50,000.

SIRIOS’ ESCALE property is located approximately 75 km south-east from the LG-4 hydro-electric complex and 320 km east of Radisson in James Bay, Quebec. It is comprised of 169 claims covering approximately 90 square km.

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