Sky Generation partners with Bullfrog Power to bring new renewable power online

Sky Generation partners with Bullfrog Power to bring new renewable power online

Bullfrog Power(TM), Ontario’s first 100% green electricity retailer, today announced the commissioning of two new wind turbines at the Sky Generation wind farm in Ferndale on the Bruce Peninsula. The new turbines, developed to meet the demand for clean, green electricity from Bullfrog Power customers, are now in operation, producing new clean power. Together, the two state-of-the-art Vestas V82 1.65 MW turbines are expected to produce almost 9 million kWh of emission-free electricity each year. This new capacity is additional to the various Ministry of Energy programs that are increasing the amount of new renewable power in the overall supply mix.

Bullfrog Power is the first and only 100% green electricity retailer in Ontario. Bullfrog Power sources power exclusively from wind and low-impact hydro generators that meet or exceed the federal government’s Environmental Choice(M) Program EcoLogo(M) standard for renewable electricity. Sky Generation is one of Bullfrog Power’s EcoLogo(M)-certified wind power generators. Bullfrog Power provides businesses, non-profits, and consumers with a new way to purchase renewable power.

Since its launch in September 2005, Bullfrog Power has grown rapidly, signing up homeowners from across the province as well as more than 100 organizations. Residential customers include Margaret Atwood, Graeme Gibson, Gord Downie, Mark Cullen, Edward Burtynsky and Jamie Kennedy. Bullfrog’s commercial customers include Wal-Mart Canada, Cadbury Adams, RBC Financial Group, Credit Union Central of Ontario, WWF-Canada, and many other businesses and not-for-profit groups. Additionally, conference planners have turned to Bullfrog Power to “green” the electricity usage of events such as the Cottage Life Shows and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

“By exercising their choice for green electricity for their homes, businesses and events, Bullfrog Power customers have directly enabled the development of these new wind turbines,” said wind power pioneer and CEO of Sky Generation, Glen Estill. “The partnership between Sky Generation and Bullfrog Power is playing a critical part in advancing the role of renewables in Ontario’s electricity mix, as well as helping to clean up our local air quality and address global climate change.”

“We are thrilled to see new renewable power coming online in Ontario as a result of Bullfrog Power customer demand,” said Tom Heintzman, president, Bullfrog Power. “The support of bullfrogpowered residents and businesses is key to our ability to shift the balance of power, and we remain committed to bringing even more renewable projects online as we continue to grow.”

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Bullfrog Power(TM) is a 100% green electricity retailer in Ontario that sources electricity exclusively from wind and low-impact water power producers who meet or exceed the federal government’s EcoLogo(M) standard for renewable energy. Bullfrogpowered(TM) customers’ electricity dollars support clean, renewable electricity from producers who are displacing polluting and CO(2)-emitting electricity on the Ontario grid. Bullfrog Power has pledged 10% of company profits to organizations that promote sustainability. Visit Bullfrog Power on the web at For more information on Sky Generation, visit

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