Soltera Mining Corp.: Structural Geological Survey Suggests Increased Gold Potential at El Torno

Soltera Mining Corp.: Structural Geological Survey Suggests Increased Gold Potential at El Torno

Dr. Fabio Montanari, President and CEO of Soltera Mining Corp., announce that the results of a structural geological survey at El Torno, Soltera’s flagship gold property in Argentina, are now available.

El Torno is located in the Andean Cordillera near the international border with Bolivia. It is in the central part of a major mineralized province that extends several hundred kilometers through Argentina and Bolivia.

The El Torno property (7,863 hectares) contains a set of very large gold-bearing quartz veins that extend intermittently for at least 14 km north-south and cut sedimentary rocks of Ordovician age. The central parts of the western vein have been worked since the Inca Period and there are more than 1,000 metres of underground galleries.

Diamond drilling by Puma Minerals in the 1970′s showed that a 2 metre thick zone on the west side of the vein carries up to 37 gpt gold and suggested that there is potential for several million ounces along the full length of the vein. Samples of country rock some distance from the main vein have also shown gold concentrations.

The structural geological mapping suggests that the gold potential may be considerably higher than previously thought. It shows that the vein system is parallel to the layering of the sedimentary rocks and the whole sequence is folded into the shape of a broad anticline. This means that the known gold-rich zone in the western limb of the anticline could be repeated in the eastern limb, which has never been tested. In other words, the potential target for vein-hosted gold could be double that previously thought.

Furthermore, the mapping suggests that gold dispersed in small quartz veins within the country rock well away from the main vein system is concentrated in particular sedimentary units. The country rocks actually consist of two main types: a lower unit of relatively coarse sediments such as sandstones and an upper unit of generally finer sediments containing more clay material. The lower unit is relatively brittle and contains numerous small quartz veins, some of which definitely carry gold, whereas the upper, more impermeable unit is relatively free from mineralization. This means that the rocks of the lower unit, which occur throughout a belt extending around 8 km north-south, are a major target for potential open-pit dispersed gold.

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