Sparton Selected to Join Ontario Government Environmental Mission to China

Sparton Selected to Join Ontario Government Environmental Mission to China

Sparton Resources Inc. announce that it has been selected to join the Ontario Environmental Mission to China to be lead by Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty from October 26 – November 6, 2008. The Mission will focus on linking Ontario based environmental business groups with Chinese organizations involved in environmental programs such as water treatment, alternative energy, and various forms of waste cleanup and recycling projects. The Government of Ontario has taken the lead in promoting the development of new environmentally related business opportunities in China with its initiative to organize and coordinate this Mission to the world’s fastest growing economy.

The Mission group will participate in environmental forums in the cities of Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing and Chonquing, and the Ontario group will be joined in Beijing by four other Canadian Provincial Premiers as representatives of the Canada China Business Council. Over 250 China based business and governmental organizations with environmental projects are expected to meet with the Mission representatives.

Chosen as one of seventeen companies to represent Ontario from a selection process involving over 50 candidates, Sparton was recognized for its unique development programs in China to extract uranium fuel from radioactive waste coal ash, and as an emerging producer of germanium, a metal with significant uses in environmental applications such as solar energy and high efficiency fibre optics data transmission.

The Company, through is China based joint venture is expected to sign a contract in Beijing with a subsidiary of the China National Nuclear Corporation for the construction of a bulk sample plant and the final feasibility evaluation of the cleanup of the radioactive waste piles in the Lincang area in Yunnan Province. The complete contract, valued at over $US4 million, will have the facility to be extended into the construction of the commercial production plant for uranium oxide and waste cleanup at Lincang, following completion of the bulk sample testing and final plant design.

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