Specialised laser cutting, drilling and welding

Specialised laser cutting, drilling and welding

AUSTRALIA’S only Nd:Yag Laser Job Shop, The LaserXperts Pty Ltd, specialises in high precision laser-microwelding, cutting and drilling.

It can undertake the cutting of complex designs in flat and tube material, including micro-cutting of tubes as small as 0.5mm ID, micro drilling of holediameters as small as 0.025mm and micro welding of spot and seam diameters of 0.5mm.

Compatible metals include stainless steel, special alloys, precious metals, copper, brass, aluminium, titanium, nitinol, tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum.

Compatible ceramics are PCD, silicon nitride, aluminium-oxyde, carbide and boron-nitride.

Laser cutting is useful in industries such as medical and dental devices, high-precision engineering, electronics, food, paper, chemical, automotive, aviation and aerospace.

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