Sterling Mining Company Faces Additional Litigation

Sterling Mining Company Faces Additional Litigation

Sunshine Precious Metals, Inc. filed with Shoshone County a notarized Declaration and Notice of Default to the Sterling Mining Company for breaching its lease on the historic silver mine in Idaho. The Notice of Default concerns Sterling’s inability or unwillingness to pay their creditors.

“Although we are under no obligation to issue press releases, we recognize the importance of fair and open public disclosure”, said Andrew Grundman, spokesman for Sunshine Precious Metals, Inc. Mr. Grundman further went on to say “Sunshine has been the recent target of substantial litigation in the wake of Sterling’s disastrous failure to pay its creditors. We have been presented further concern as to Sterling’s sustainability given it has suspended production activities and reduced its workforce by approximately 60%. These events lead us to greater concern as to the potential devaluation and other consequences to our asset. They have decided to operate outside the parameters of our agreement and engage in business practices that have precipitated into a situation in which we believe they are ultimately responsible.”

Sunshine Precious Metals, Inc. has repeatedly asked the Sterling Mining Company to provide immediate attention to the multiple liens set against the company, as well as other breaches. Since Sunshine is the owner of the historic silver mine, the focus of this litigation has been placed on the lessee. To view the filing and other related information, please visit

For additional information please contact Andrew Grundman, Esq. at (208) 215-8475 or

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