STS provides Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company with cutting edge Microsoft technology

STS provides Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company with cutting edge Microsoft technology

Sunday, August 13th 2006

According to the agreement, STS will provide user licenses for a range of Microsoft solutions to JPRC, which is gearing up to enter into competition with new entrants as it prepares to abandon its monopoly in the lubricants sector in favor of a more liberalized market.

Humam Mufti, General Manager of STS, said, ‘The deal wins us a key partner in the petroleum and lubricants industry, and also serves to highlight STS’ close relationship with Microsoft. Our ‘Golden Partner’ award from Microsoft facilitated the completion of our deal with JPRC.’

The deal, worth over US$ 600,000, will see STS provide software, technical expertise, support, training and consulting on Microsoft products over a period of 3 years. In addition, STS will encourage the participation of JPRC’s employees in different professional activities in Jordan and overseas, to help them acclimatize to their new working environment. STS expects to deploy its entire team of engineers, programmers and technical staff – considered the largest in the region- on the JPRC project.

‘The deal we have signed with JPRC has a great role in leveraging the IT sector position in Jordan by sustaining the Intellectual Property Protection laws that the concerned governmental institutions are looking to activate in the context of developing the investment laws infrastructure,’ Mufti added.

STS has long been offering its expertise to the financial and business sectors in Jordan and the Middle East region. It has provided integrated solutions to industrial, banking, educational and governmental institutions, promoting growth and offering competitive advantages and differentiators.

Zeid Shbeilat, Microsoft country manager, said: ‘The respect of intellectual property is a duty that should be honoured by all as it is a key catalyst for a vibrant IT economy. We are delighted in forging an important relationship with the Jordan Petroleum Refinery in which Microsoft and STS will provide value-added services in security and enhanced productivity through the use of our technologies.’

His Excellency, Dr. Ahmad Al Rifai, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of JPRC, said: ‘Moving to a competitive model is an extensive strategic shift for us, and we are sparing no efforts searching for competitive advantage in what is certain to become a hotly contested market. We expect to conclude the monopoly by the beginning of 2008, paving the way for competitors to invest in this market. We are delighted to sign STS as a knowledgeable and highly reliable technology partner with intimate knowledge of the local market and full familiarity with Microsoft products. Our teams will be fully trained by STS to optimally leverage Microsoft solutions to meet business needs and remain ahead of potential competitors.’

STS is considered one of the leading IT solutions providers in the MENA region. The company stands among the best providers of IT turnkey solutions to government, banking, education and telecommunication sectors with over 350 qualified and highly skilled employees working at its different offices in the Middle East. The company has built strategic alliances with leading IT companies in the world such as Microsoft, DELL, SUN, IBM, Cisco and HYPERCOM.

About STS:
Since establishment in 1989, STS has contributed significantly to the growth and development of the IT sector in MENA. STS’s diversified IT activities, partnerships with industry leading companies in addition to more than 350 qualified and highly skilled employees, has enabled STS to stand firm among the best providers of IT turnkey solutions to government, banking, education and telecommunication sectors. STS’s has regional offices in several Middle East and gulf countries including Dubai, Amman, to better serve its regional customers which include more than 28 banks in the region.

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