Sultan Minerals Receives Encouraging Metallurgical Results for Jersey-Emerald Molybdenum

Sultan Minerals Receives Encouraging Metallurgical Results for Jersey-Emerald Molybdenum

Sultan Minerals Inc. is pleased to report that it has now received encouraging results from a preliminary Metallurgical Test for Molybdenum Flotation completed on a composite drill core sample from its Jersey-Emerald Property in southeastern British Columbia. The metallurgical study was completed by Process Research Associates Ltd. of Richmond, BC.

The metallurgical study blended core samples from four diamond drill holes into a single mineral composite which was then tested for molybdenum recovery by various flotation techniques. Although the main mineral of interest was molybdenite, the study found that many potential by-product recovery options should also be considered.

Rougher flotation recovered more than 97% of the contained molybdenum at a relatively coarse particle size (80% passing (P80) 170 um). The first rougher stage flotation recovered 98% of the contained molybdenum and 81% of the contained gold in 4.3% of the mass. The majority of the mass, 61.7%, was contributed by pyrite. Using lime as pyrite depressant in 5 stages of cleaning yielded a concentrate with grades of 29.2% molybdenum, 20.5% iron, 2.82g/T gold and 27.0g/T silver, with recoveries exceeding 47% gold and 95% molybdenum.

Mineralogical studies found that liberation was essentially 100% with the concentrate comprised of free grains of molybdenite (50% to 69%) and pyrite (28% to 45%) with traces (2.0%) of silicates, carbonate and rare chalcopyrite.

These preliminary results are encouraging and further testing is currently underway to improve the molybdenite and pyrite separation.

Sultan is currently in the process of completing a preliminary resource evaluation for the presently known tungsten and molybdenum mineralization on its Jersey-Emerald Property. The evaluation is incorporating the results of drilling completed by Sultan in 2005 and 2006 with historic drill results obtained by the previous mine operators. The study is expected to provide recommendations for further work that will lead to the preparation of a feasibility study. It is anticipated that the preliminary resource calculations will be completed by mid-October 2006.

Arthur G. Troup, P.Eng., Geological, President and CEO

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