Sunoco Logistics Manages Order-to-Cash Process and Crude Gathering Pipelines With Synthesis(TM) Release 5.0

Sunoco Logistics Manages Order-to-Cash Process and Crude Gathering Pipelines With Synthesis(TM) Release 5.0

Entessa Inc. — the leading provider of Oil and Gas Logistics Management Solutions — delivered Release 5.0 of its Synthesis(TM) enterprise software suite to Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P.. The introduction of crude gathering pipeline support now enables Sunoco Logistics Partners to manage the entire order-to-cash logistics for its Western pipeline operations with Synthesis. Entessa is pleased to announce that the application went live on October 1st despite Hurricane Ike’s impact on the Houston area.

A major focus of Synthesis Release 5.0 was to provide greater support for the needs of crude pipeline systems — in particular crude gathering pipelines and common stream pipelines. “We incorporated a new ticket distribution algorithm to meet the needs of the booking process in crude pipeline operations. In this Synthesis release, the algorithm ties in approved nominations, looks for lease split configurations and the accumulative ticketed amount to automatically allocate ticket quantities to the appropriate parties,” stated Entessa’s President Brian Freed. These expanded capabilities allow companies, such as Sunoco Logistics Partners, to bring logistics management of different operating units together onto a singular platform.

In addition, a new meter proving repository supports a field-proven volumetric calculation engine for operators who calculate meter factors based on multiple runs. Synthesis Release 5.0 also can manage different units of measures when capturing measurements and perform the necessary conversions when applying the quantity to inventory and invoicing. An upgrade to book to physical gain/loss functionality now provides pipeline companies a convenient way to compare its inventory positions.

These Release 5.0 enhancements — and those made to the existing nominations, ticketing, inventory management and billing modules — mean that Synthesis now completes the logistics cycle for all pipeline operating companies.

About Entessa Inc.

Entessa is the leading provider of logistics management software for the Oil & Gas supply chain. Entessa assists Oil & Gas companies achieve increased revenue and improved efficiencies through the innovative application of technology. In addition to offering a comprehensive suite of best-in-class solutions for the Oil and Gas industry, Entessa offers business and technology consulting services focused on the Oil & Gas industry. Entessa is headquartered in Houston, TX. For more information on Entessa, please visit our web site at

About Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P.

Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P., headquartered in Philadelphia, is a master limited partnership formed to acquire, own and operate refined product and crude oil pipelines and terminal facilities. The Eastern Pipeline System consists of approximately 1,800 miles of primarily refined product pipelines and interests in four refined products pipelines, consisting of a 9.4 percent interest in Explorer Pipeline Company, a 31.5 percent interest in Wolverine Pipe Line Company, a 12.3 percent interest in West Shore Pipe Line Company and a 14.0 percent interest in Yellowstone Pipe Line Company. The Terminal Facilities consist of 9.2 million shell barrels of refined products terminal capacity and 23.4 million shell barrels of crude oil terminal capacity (including approximately 16.5 million shell barrels of capacity at the Texas Gulf Coast Nederland Terminal). The Western Pipeline System consists of approximately 3,700 miles of crude oil pipelines, located principally in Oklahoma and Texas, a 55.3 percent interest in Mid-Valley Pipeline Company, a 43.8 percent interest in the West Texas Gulf Pipe Line Company and a 37.0 percent interest in the Mesa Pipe Line System. For additional information visit Sunoco Logistics’ web site at

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