Tri-Star Holdings, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Wickenburg, AZ Mineral Rights

Tri-Star Holdings, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Wickenburg, AZ Mineral Rights

TRI-STAR HOLDINGS, INC. announced the company has executed definitive agreements acquiring eighty percent of the mineral rights to the Wickenburg gold placer mining claim owned by Rusty Murphy, a 25-acre placer property located on the Hassayampa River at the confluence of Fool’s Canyon about 12 miles north of Wickenburg, AZ. This is an area that was mined by a foreign group in the late 1980s. An estimated 2 million to 3 million cubic yards of placer exists.

Placer mining refers to the process of mining alluvial deposits for minerals. Tri-Star Chief Geologist Scott Spooner targeted and negotiated the deal and stated that sampling and testing of alluvial materials to determine the quality and quantity of the precious metals reserves in the placer claim COS #1. He also noted that Azrock Mining has initiated surveying the property early today. Management also stated that it anticipates receiving updated sample information from the Company’s other mining claim’s COS #1 tests recently completed, and that it will announce the results publicly. We expect the test results delivered to the Company this week.

Furthermore, Tri-Star Management re-iterated that the date of record for its previously announced dividend is this Saturday, November 15, 2008. Every shareholder of record as of November 15, 2008 shall receive a shareholder letter and one share of Tri-Star Holdings, Inc. 144 restricted common stock for every ten shares of common stock held as of that date. Distribution of the dividend shall commence on November 20 with fractional shares rounded up and mailed to shareholders of record.

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