UC Resources Plans to Drill McFaulds

UC Resources Plans to Drill McFaulds

UC Resources is pleased to announce that the Company has signed a management contract with Billiken Management Services of Toronto, this includes a 2500 metre initial drill program. Billiken will be responsible for all exploration activities in the James Bay Lowlands “Ring of Fire” exploration program including line cutting, geophysics, and drilling. This contract represents the continuation of the UC Resources “Option Agreement” 55% earn-in into the McFaulds Lake East and West property packages of Spider Resources Inc. and KWG Resources Inc.

Line cutting has been completed on seven targets and ground geophysics is currently being completed on the last four of these anomalies. Results from the fist three targets are very encouraging, and two of the three will be drilled as high priority targets with the third being left for a later date.

Final data from the Aerotem survey has now been received and a detailed profile analysis has been completed by Scott Hogg & Associates Ltd. The objective of the analysis was to isolate targets with both the magnetic and electromagnetic characteristics attributable to sulphide mineralization. Based on the results, Hogg and Associates have identified 12 high-priority drill targets as well as 8 intermediate-priority targets. All results from the Aerotem survey have now been received and an analysis of the targets has been completed by Scott Hogg and Associates.

UC, as project operator, plans to commence this drill program during Q3, 2008.

As announced in the January 17, 2008 press release, the La Yesca mill is being totally revamped after a major re-design. It’s expected the company will start mill testing and training personnel in August, 2008. There are pictures of the progress available on the UC Resources website and investors are encouraged to view progress at www.ucresources.net. The company remains very optimistic that La Yesca has the potential to be a beneficial venture and certainly is a key component in the strategic development of UC Resources Ltd.

UC Resources is an active explorer of base metals in the McFaulds Lake area, and an explorer and near term producer of precious metals in Mexico.

On behalf of the Board,

Jim Voisin, President & CEO

UC Resources Ltd.

Contacts: UC Resources Ltd. Damien Lowry Corporate Development Toll Free: 1-800-366-8566 (Canada & USA)

Website: http://www.ucresources.net

Source: UC Resources Ltd.

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