Uganda: Govt Considers Wind Energy

Uganda: Govt Considers Wind Energy

THE Government is considering introduction of wind energy to contain the persistent loadshedding, energy minister Daudi Migereko has said.

While meeting the president of Bergey WindPower, Michael Bergey, Migereko said the move would be implemented under the renewable energy policy that is to be tabled soon.

“We are trying all avenues of providing sufficient power. We want to have a good mix of solar and wind energy,” he said.

Migereko said, “Let us take advantage of the synergies involved in wind energy.”

Bergey said his firm has been in operation for over 30 years and is the world’s leading supplier of wind energy.

He said wind energy can be useful for rural electrification where the main grid is non existent.

Bergey said they have applied their technology in many African countries.

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