Uranium Stars Madagascar Massive Sulphide Property is Ready For Drilling

Uranium Stars Madagascar Massive Sulphide Property is Ready For Drilling

Uranium Star Corp. provide an update on its Three Horses Property in Madagascar and an outline of the exploration plans for 2008.

Uranium Star’s Three Horses Property located in south-western Madagascar displays the distinct mineralization and alteration styles associated with volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits. These deposits can host significant quantities of copper, zinc, lead and precious metals.

In the latter part of 2007 Uranium Star contracted Fugro Airborne Surveys Limited to complete a helicopter borne AEM – magnetometer survey on its Three Horses Property. Final results of this work have been received by the Company, who are very pleased to report that dozens of priority AEM anomalies have been defined that require ground follow up work. The overall results of this survey work will guide Uranium Star’s exploration efforts for VMS deposits for the foreseeable future.

Field crews headed by Taiga Consultants of Calgary mobilized to the Property in the last quarter of 2007 to start regional geological mapping and geochemical work as well as examine and sample known gossan mineralization. The property has subsequently been geologically mapped and the results of this work have been finalized. Geochemical work in the form of stream sediment sampling of the majority of property area and soil sampling over a limited area have been completed and analytical results have been received. Regional lithogeochemical sampling and analysis has provided further supportive evidence that the property is favorable for hosting VMS deposits.

The stream sediment results have defined anomalous base metal values some of which appear to be related to distinct AEM anomalies. Soil sampling in the northeastern part of the property, which is underlain by extensive gossans, exhibits distinct base metal values and alteration indexes that are typical of VMS deposits.

A permanent field camp has been established in the town of Fotadrevo which lies within the boundary of the property. This camp will allow field crews and contract personnel to function effectively and proficiently throughout the life of Uranium Star’s exploration efforts in the area.

The Three Horses Property displays classic Eriterian-style signatures. The presence of extensive gossan exposures at surface bear attractive similarities to Nevsun Resource’s Bisha Project in Eritrea. F. William Nielsen, P. Geo., the V.P. of Exploration for Nevsun, is a director of Uranium Star. He played an integral roll in the discovery and advancement of the Bisha gold-VMS deposit to the feasibility stage of development. Uranium Star has been able to retain the same exploration team that was instrumental in advancing the world class Bisha project.

An initial examination of one part of the Three Horse Property revealed several large areas covered with gossanous boulders which are believed to overlie massive sulphide mineralization. At Bisha, in Eritrea, the gossanous material contained appreciable amounts of gold which overlay an extensive supergene enriched copper zone which itself overlay zinc rich massive sulphides. It is anticipated that a similar weathering regime in Madagascar may produce similar styles of mineralization at the Three Horse Property.

Following the seasonal rains the field crew again mobilized to the Three Horse Property in March 2008 with the specific task of following up on the airborne geophysical survey results. Extensive line grids have been established which have been geologically mapped, soil sampled and geophysically surveyed. Spectral Geophysics from Botswana were contracted to carry out extensive horizontal loop electromagnetic (HLEM) and magnetometer surveys to verify and more accurately define individual targets on the ground.

A diamond drill has been contracted from Cartwright Drilling of Goose Bay, Labrador. The drill is now in-country, in the final process of being cleared by Customs, and once cleared, will be on route to the Property. A minimum 5,000 meter drill program is scheduled to commence early October, 2008.

Uranium Star is greatly encouraged by its exploration efforts in Madagascar to date. The Company believes that it is in the right geological environment to host significant massive sulphide deposits that should contain appreciable quantities of copper and zinc mineralization.

Kirk Mckinnon, President of Uranium Star states, “we are very anxious to get the drilling program underway in order that the many targeted areas defined by geology, geophysics and geochemistry can be tested for their massive sulphide potential.”

Additional work in the area has revealed that property in the area, controlled by Uranium Star, has the potential to host significant gold mineralization. The Company will report on these occurrences once field reports are received.

Craig Scherba, P.Geo., of Taiga Consultants is the Exploration Manager and is supervising Uranium Star’s exploration activities on the Three Horses, Madagascar Property and the Sagar Property.
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