The Sabah Government is sticking to its decision against building a coal- fired power plant in Lahad Datu. State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjum said the government could not afford the environmental risks of such a facility close to key pristine conservation areas.

“We are aware of the argument that coal-fired plants in the […]

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Southern Star Energy Inc., is pleased to provide an update on the Company’s well the Rendall 7-2.
Southern Star Energy is pleased to announce continuing successful progress in its Sentell Field Development Program, Bossier Parish Louisiana. The Company has successfully completed two stages of very large volume, high rate “slick water†fracture treatments on its recently […]

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Universal Uranium Ltd. has terminated the option agreement dated February 10, 2006 with Artillery Peak Uranium Corp. Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, the Company had the option to earn and acquire a 100% interest in Artillery Peak Uranium Corp.’s 86 lode mining claims totalling 1776.85 acres located 186 kilometres northwest of Phoenix, Arizona.
The […]

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Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) and Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) have been told to consider using hydro or gas to generate electricity in Lahad Datu as an alternative to the RM1.3 billion coal-fired power project that the state government has rejected for Silam within the district.
Responding to a TNB article in “TNB Talks” that Sabah […]

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The Minister of Energy and Resources, Peter Batchelor, says a new online service inventory Victoria’s brown coal reserves will help to attract investors to the state.
The database will allow mining companies and investors from around the world to access data on the location and quantity of coal resources. It will also identify possible sites for […]

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Some 1,500 coal miners staged a mass rally on Thursday on the front lawn of the state Capitol to protest legislation that they fear could eliminate their jobs. The rally came two days after lawmakers narrowly defeated a bill aimed at stopping mining companies from blasting off mountaintops to expose coal deposits.

Gov. Steve Beshear made a […]

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Albidon announced its JV partner African Energy has received final assay results from the initial phase of RC drill testing of the Chisebuka uranium anomaly in the Kariba Valley JV Project in Zambia. Significant intersections include: 7m @ 445 ppm U3O8 from 11m incl. 2m @ 762 ppm U3O8 from 11m and 2m @ 642 […]

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Lawmakers have begun hearings on a proposal that could effectively halt mountaintop removal coal mining. State Rep. Don Pasley of Winchester maneuvered the proposal into a bill that would exempt camel food from the state sales tax. The move allowed the bill to be considered in the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee on Tuesday.

It would forbid coal […]

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Read this! Yeah, we had practice on the 8th for our Scenario team but only 4 of our real members showed up, and one of our friends. So the entire time we did some drills and a little practice, then messed around with our gear

We had actual game footage, but it got corrupted (the tape’s video […]

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Summer 2006, in Panjshir valley Afghanistan, an Afghan miner is drilling to place some explosives. The purpose is to blast the rock in order to get some emeralds. Panjshir valley is known since the end of the 1970’s for the quality of its emeralds.
More info on: 1368 timesLength: 01:9

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The Portuguese in California are a thriving community with a compelling story that is an integral part of the history of this state. Attracted by the Gold Rush, the Portuguese (mainly from the Azores Islands) found their passage to California as crewmembers aboard American whaling ships and began arriving in the mid-1800s.
They brought with them […]

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Wine grapes (Vitis vinifera) are not native to the Americas; they arrived with the Spanish in the 1500s. Early attempts to form vineyards in more northerly climes, such as the Caribbean, Mexico, and Peru proved unsuccessful; in Chile, however, the vine found its first true New World home.
The Catholic missionaries who followed the Spanish Conquistadors […]

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