Wineco Productions Inc. to Acquire Licensing Rights for Proprietary Oil and Gas Stimulation Technology

Wineco Productions Inc. to Acquire Licensing Rights for Proprietary Oil and Gas Stimulation Technology

Wednesday, August 2nd 2006

Wineco Productions Inc. announced it has entered into a Letter of Intent to negotiate for a non-exclusive license of a cutting edge oil and gas perforation/blended rocket fuel exothermic down-hole oil and gas stimulation technology from Capital Energy.

David Mallard, Chairman of Capital Energy quoted, “My family had this technology tested by the Department of Energy at their naval facility in Casper Wy. An independent analysis of our technology tested a 2200% increase with the test well fluid level rising from 1250 barrels of fluid a day to a dramatic 24,800 barrels of fluid after igniting our system 30 feet of down-hole stimulation at the 5,600 feet level in sandstone reservoir.” He also added, “This is excellent in that the major stimulation companies are happy with increase levels of 200%, our technology tested 10 times better!” Read more about Capital Energy and David A. Mallard:

A complete signed and numbered independent evaluation may be found on the Department of Energy web site for complete review and consideration.

James Logan, President of Wineco Productions commented, “I concur with David’s view that the true market for the perforator and down-hole fracturing technologies is in the millions of dollars, as the oil and gas world is always ready to embrace more efficient technologies.”

About Wineco Productions Inc.,

Wineco is in the process of acquiring mining properties that show recoverable “Nobel Metals.” The various properties are for the most part, mines that have been worked in earlier times. Working these mines have left tons of “Tailings” that contain valuable material. The company will process the material that had already been mined and that material is referred to as “Tailings.” These tailings yielding better extraction of Noble Metals through advanced equipment.

Wineco recently announced that it has completed negotiations and has acquired the mine tailing from World Wide Consulting. The tailings consist of approximately 1 million tons and are very prolific in platinates. World Wide Consulting is the first of 5 companies that Wineco is in negotiations with. All companies have shown excellent results in their tailings. Wineco has proven its test in chemical extraction of platinum in addition to its previously proven micron gold extraction process.

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