World Gold Council and Choron Bring Gold Expressions to Russia

World Gold Council and Choron Bring Gold Expressions to Russia

World Gold Council (WGC), the organisation formed and funded by the world’s leading gold producers, has today announced that it has partnered with a leading Russian jewellery manufacturer, Choron, to bring the Gold Expressions jewellery collection to Russia for the very first time. Choron will present Gold Expressions at the New Russian Style Fair 2008 in Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, from the 22-25 May, and will host its exhibition event on Friday, 23 May.

Now in its fifth year, Gold Expressions is a highly successful research-based product development initiative created in 2004 by World Gold Council and Vicenza Fair to refocus business and consumer attention worldwide on the excellence of Italian design, thereby increasing the desirability of, and demand, for gold jewellery around the world.

Russia has become one of the world’s best performing jewellery markets this decade. Statistics, supplied independently for the WGC by GFMS Ltd, show that annual jewellery consumption growth averaged 17 per cent between 2000 and 2005, taking demand from a cyclical low point of 24.2 tonnes in 1999 to some 62.5 tonnes last year. Russia is the 7th largest gold jewellery consuming market, and its rate of consumption is increasing. Research shows that for imported jewellery, Italian designs are number one for Russian consumers, thus making Russia a key market for Gold Expressions. Choron cooperates with 200 jewellery dealers in Russia and holds a strong position in the Russian jewellery market.

Philip Olden, Managing Director at World Gold Council, commented: “Launching Gold Expressions into Russia is a natural step for the World Gold Council’s jewellery programme. The WGC has always focussed its jewellery marketing campaigns in countries where demand already exists, ensuring that demand is met with desirable products that consumers will want, and thereby developing the market to its full potential. Given continued economic growth in Russia, we believe that there is room for further expansion in gold jewellery consumption.

“Since its launch in 2004, Gold Expressions has established an international reputation for both innovation and creativity and represents the strongest co-operative effort within the Italian jewellery industry to promote Italian goods in world markets.”

Rajesh Gandhi at Choron, said: “Gold jewellery has been a prime beneficiary of Russia’s economic turnaround. Consumers are increasingly demanding high quality, premium designs, and the Italian designers have to be the most coveted. The designs within the Gold Expressions 2008 collection truly have the finger on the pulse of Russia’s high-end jewellery consumer, and we are very excited to be involved in bringing the collection to the Russian market.”

The Gold Expressions 2008 collection is comprised of 300 pieces from 60 leading manufacturers, representing the pinnacle of quality and innovation in the Italian jewellery industry and meets the increasing international requirement for contemporary, innovative, versatile pieces of gold jewellery. The entire collection will be exhibited at the New Russian Style Fair 2008.

The Gold Expressions 2008 collection can be viewed at

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The World Gold Council (WGC), a commercially-driven marketing organisation, is funded by the world’s leading gold mining companies. A global advocate for gold, the WGC aims to promote the demand for gold in all its forms through marketing activities in major international markets. For further information visit


International jewellery company, Choron, was founded in 1999 and has representative offices in Russia, Belgium, Singapore, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates, India and other countries. The company specializes on faceting of diamonds and manufacture of jewelery ornaments and has factories in Russia and India. Annually the company produces 35,000 pieces of jewels which are distributed through a network of dealers. Choron has plans to increase their quantity up to 60,000.

Source: World Gold Council

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