WW Oil & Gas Acquires Drilling Rig

WW Oil & Gas Acquires Drilling Rig

WW Energy Inc. subsidiary WW Oil and Gas Inc. has purchased a drill rig that it plans to use for drilling and re-working its oil and gas assets.

The acquisition allows WW Oil and Gas to immediately commence drilling and re-working of the wells located in Oklahoma. The company expects to complete 30 wells within a 6-month period.

WW Energy Inc. is a holding company that was created to acquire oil and gas service companies as well as oil and gas-related assets through two wholly owned subsidiaries.

WW Oil & Gas Inc., established in 2005, is in the business of acquiring leases and oil and gas-related assets. Such acquisitions are for the purposes of development, exploration, and exploitation. The company currently has exploitation projects in Texas, Utah and New Mexico. Comprehensive drill programs are being developed for full exploitation of these projects.

WW Trucking Inc., formed in 1999, is an oil and gas services company for the oil field services industry in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona (The Four Corners Area). Their existing business operations are in transporting fresh production water for oil drilling/exploration and waste water for disposal. They also provide services for heavy hauling of drilling and well equipment needed in the oil and gas production and exploration industry.

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