Yukon-Nevada Gold Corp. considers operational and financial alternatives at Jerritt Canyon, Nevada

Yukon-Nevada Gold Corp. considers operational and financial alternatives at Jerritt Canyon, Nevada

Saturday, August 16th 2008

Yukon-Nevada Gold Corp. announces the consideration of various plans to maximize the short term and long term value of its investment in the Jerritt Canyon Mine, Nevada in light of current economic difficulties.

The ongoing negative cash flow situation at Jerritt Canyon required immediate action and the decision was made to suspend underground mining on August 8th, 2008 (see press release) and the mining crew has now been laid off. The Company has made efforts to ensure that most of the employees have been placed into jobs at other mining companies around the area. A considerable cost reduction plan and renegotiation of toll milling contracts are in progress. The plan also includes the possible segregation of part of the milling facility as a cash realizing transaction.

Jerritt Canyon’s recently refurbished mill was in operation until this past weekend, but the malfunction of a critical part in the drying circuit caused the mill to be shut down for repairs. It will reopen as soon as possible. In the meantime Small Mine Developers, SMD, the ore subcontractors, has demobilized its equipment and personnel.

The Company is working hard to fulfill its statutory obligations to its employees, such as continuing health coverage and the payment of all suppliers. To address the liquidity problem at the Jerritt Canyon operation, the Company is now focused on refinancing to ensure obligations are met and to move forward to regain positive cash flow. There can be no assurance that the financing or cash generating alternative chosen by the Company will be available on acceptable terms, or at all. The failure to obtain this cash generation will likely have a material adverse effect on the Company’s operations and financial condition.

The pre-feasibility study at the Company’s Ketza River Project in the Yukon Territory is continuing on schedule.

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