Zhangjiakou Coal Mining Deploys PTC Pro/E

Zhangjiakou Coal Mining Deploys PTC Pro/E

PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC), the Product Development Company™, today announced that Zhangjiakou Coal Mining Machinery Company Ltd. has selected and deployed PTC Pro/ENGINEER to develop its industry leading coal mining equipment. Zhangjiakou Coal Mining Machinery, based in the Hebei province (northern China), is one of the largest and most well-known manufacturers of special coal mining equipment in China. Zhangjiakou licensed Pro/ENGINEER through PTC channel partner E-Tech Technology Co. Ltd. to enhance its overall product design process and specifically to improve its product simulation capabilities. Zhangjiakou uses PTC Pro/INTRALINK® to manage the Pro/ENGINEER data.

Zhangjiakou produces a variety of coal mining equipment, including its best selling Armored Face Conveyor (AFC), a critical product that is used to transport raw coal from underground to the loading bin in a coal mining system. Zhangjiakou’s R&D team has more than 60 product engineers focused on customizing and improving coal mining equipment. With the complete 3D modeling capabilities of Pro/ENGINEER, Zhangjiakou can improve existing product designs, ensuring that the components can withstand tremendous stresses experienced in an actual working environment. Additionally, using the advanced structural analysis capabilities in Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica®, the product engineers at Zhangjiakou are able to easily identify problem areas early in the development cycle. This is helping Zhangjiakou save money and bring higher quality products to market faster.

Prior to using Pro/ENGINEER, Zhangjiakou was using 2D CAD design software for its product design in a 2D environment. At that time, the designers were often experiencing difficulty eliminating design errors in the conveyor belt and other parts of the AFC during product design. With 2D design tools, it is difficult to identify errors so the R&D team had to make repeated changes to their product designs, which ultimately resulted in a long R&D cycle.

”PTC Pro/ENGINEER is equipped with strong 3D modeling features which enabled our engineers to work more efficiently while maximizing innovation and quality,” said Ma Li, deputy general manager of Zhangjiakou Coal Mining Machinery Company Ltd. ”Zhangjiakou is now able to boast one of the industry’s largest and best coal mining equipment in China. The increased efficiencies in the product R&D cycle have helped us achieve this status, and our customers are increasingly pleased with the high standards we have maintained in product quality.”

”We are proud to work hand in hand with Zhangjiakou to help the coal mining equipment industry make a big leap forward in its modernization process,” said Daniel R. Maier, vice president, Asia Pacific and Japan Channels, PTC. ”PTC is dedicated to helping customers like Zhangjiakou utilize software solutions to advance their product development objectives, while reducing their overall costs.”

About Zhangjiakou Coal Mining Machinery Company Ltd.

Zhangjiakou Coal Mining Machinery Company Limited is one of the largest special manufacturers of coal mining equipment in China. Its main products used underground are a series of Armored Face Conveyor (AFC), Bridge Stage Loader (BSL), Crushers and a range of ploughs. Founded in 1926, its manufacturing capacity is one of the best in the industry. Its products are being exported to America, Canada, Australia and many other countries. For more information, please visit www.zmm.cn.

About ETech

Beijing E-TECH Technology Co., Ltd, owned by China Tsinghua University, is a major software enterprise specializing in developing software and providing China manufacturers with frontline IT products and services. Located in Tsinghua Science Park Innovation Plaza, E-TECH has set up three service centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. For more information, please visit www.extech.com.cn.

About PTC

PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC) provides leading product lifecycle management (PLM), content management and enterprise publishing solutions to more than 40,000 companies worldwide. PTC customers include the world’s most innovative companies in manufacturing, publishing, services, government and life sciences industries. PTC is included in the S&P 500 and Russell 2000 indices. For more information on PTC, please visit http://www.ptc.com.

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