200 Entreprises Are In Line To Obtain Biodiesel Licence

200 Entreprises Are In Line To Obtain Biodiesel Licence

Association of Alternative Energy and Biodiesel Producers (ALBIYOBIR) announced that only two enterprises among the applied 200, were given biodiesel licence because of the slow process.

Speaking to the AA correspondent, Tamer Afacan, the chairman of the association, indicated that the transactions to get a Biodiesel licence was very long because of bureaucratic procedures. He underlined that an authority problem between the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) and Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) hampers the procedures. He also asked for the acceleration of the process.


Afacan stressed that they are hopeful regarding the future of Biodiesel adding that this was a great opportunity for Turkey. Underlining that Turkey should become an oilseed producer instead of being a grain producing country.

“Canola, raw material of Biodiesel has been widely cultivated in Turkey. If Turkey converts its production into energy, it will be beneficial for the country” said Afacan.

He also objected to the irregular production of Biodiesel and stressed that Biodiesel production must be supervised.

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