ACCCE Statement Regarding Passage of Air Permit for the New Mexico Desert Rock Power Plant

ACCCE Statement Regarding Passage of Air Permit for the New Mexico Desert Rock Power Plant

Friday, August 1st 2008

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity today issued the following statement in response to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) passage of an air permit for the proposed Desert Rock power plant:

“ACCCE is pleased that the EPA has recognized the tangible environmental and economic benefits the Desert Rock project will provide for the Four Corners region, and equally important the Navajo Nation, by granting the air permit required for construction to move forward.

“The EPA cited Desert Rock’s environmental performance standards as ‘the most stringent in the country and sets a new level of performance for coal-fueled power plants.’

“Desert Rock will use proven emissions control technology to significantly reduce air emissions including particulates, mercury, and other greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide.

“As a result, the deployment of these technologies coupled with emissions reductions at existing facilities, will dramatically improve air quality in the Four Corners region.

“Perhaps just as important, Desert Rock will responsibly develop Navajo resources in the most environmentally sensitive way and help turn these resources into tangible benefits for the Navajo people.

“The construction phase of the project will produce 1,000 jobs over four years and 400 permanent jobs thereafter.

“The Desert Rock plant will provide more than $50 million in revenue and payments directly to the Navajo Nation, accounting for roughly 30 percent of their entire budget. In addition, the project will generate $3.5 million in much needed tax revenue for San Juan County to improve local community assets including schools.

“Technology plays a critical role in allowing coal to burn more cleanly and, in turn, produce enough electricity to meet our global demand and dramatically reduce emissions.

“It is important that construction of plants such as Desert Rock not be hindered to allow for the continued development and deployment of clean coal technologies on a commercial scale and continue the path forward for the industry to achieve its ultimate goal: producing electricity affordably and securely with near zero emissions.

“ACCCE recognizes coal will play a critical role in meeting America’s growing energy demand. Therefore, the organization is pleased when decisions are made that allow for the construction of coal-fueled power plants to provide affordable electricity for working families in an environmentally sensitive manner.”


The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) is a non-profit, non-partisan partnership of companies involved in producing electricity from coal. Because coal is America’s most abundant energy resource, ACCCE supports energy policies that balance coal’s vital role in meeting our country’s growing need for affordable and reliable electricity with the need to protect the environment. ACCCE also advocates for the development and deployment of advanced clean coal technologies that will produce electricity with near-zero emissions. Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, ACCCE has more than 40 members that represent more than $190 billion in annual revenues and employ more than 360,000 Americans. For more information, visit or

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