Americas Oil & Natural Gas Industry Helps Make Low-Income Homes More Energy Efficient

Americas Oil & Natural Gas Industry Helps Make Low-Income Homes More Energy Efficient

Rebuilding Together Metro Denver, the local affiliate of the nation’s largest volunteer home rehabilitation organization, and America’s oil and natural gas industry today helped local disabled homeowners with limited income reduce their energy use and save money.

The Energy Efficient Homes Initiative, a national partnership between America’s oil and natural gas industry and Rebuilding Together, incorporates energy efficiency into home renovations provided to low-income homeowners, many of whom are elderly, disabled or have young children. The initiative is an additional component to the 18-year-old national Rebuilding Together program that will revitalize nearly 10,000 homes this year. Rebuilding Together Metro Denver will renovate 39 homes throughout the area this year, with Robert (Bobby) Simpson and Francis (Tubby) Peyrouse’s home undergoing the energy efficiency renovations.

“Together, we are making a positive difference in the lives of those most in need,” said Laurie McCaw, executive director, Rebuilding Together Metro Denver. “The industry’s support allows us to increase the number of homes we rebuild and provide a better quality of life for our most vulnerable neighbors.”

“America’s oil and natural gas industry practices energy efficiency every day within its operations, so we know the significant value of such a commitment,” said Stan Dempsey, president, Colorado Petroleum Association. “We are delighted to partner with Rebuilding Together Metro Denver in this outstanding initiative. Our efforts will provide low-income homeowners with the dual benefit of saving energy and money.”

Simpson and Peyrouse, both of whom are disabled, will receive energy efficiency improvements to their home. Since they completed physical rehabilitation together, Simpson and Peyrouse have been unable to make the necessary home improvements — physically or financially. As part of the Energy Efficient Homes Initiative, Simpson and Peyrouse will have insulation put in their attic and crawlspace, a new Energy Star refrigerator and a new, weatherized rear door. Other renovations to the house include repairing walls and floors, among other home improvements.

“It’s a blessing,” said Bobby and Tubby. “The improvements will make a big difference, save us money on our utilities and repairs and allow us to live a more comfortable life. We’re so thankful and appreciative of the help given to us.”

In addition to making homes more energy-efficient, the initiative also provides low-income homeowners with materials and information to help them use energy wisely in the future. Additionally, Rebuilding Together is distributing energy efficiency information and tips to volunteers and other participants nationwide, and conducting outreach and education programs geared to increasing energy efficiency with low-income homeowners and others.

Saturday, October 21, is the second annual Fall Rebuilding Day in Denver where hundreds of volunteers will continue their vital mission of providing repairs free of charge to low-income homeowners.

API, the American Petroleum Institute, is the primary trade association for the oil and natural gas industry in the United States. Representing one of the most technologically advanced industries in the world, API’s membership includes more than 400 companies engaged in all aspects of the oil and natural gas industry, including the exploration, production, refining, transportation and marketing of crude oil, natural gas and related consumer products. For more information on API, please visit its website:

Source: American Petroleum Institute

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