Ascent Solar and PermaCity Solar Developing FASTTRACKS(TM) Plug – and – Play System

Ascent Solar and PermaCity Solar Developing FASTTRACKS(TM) Plug – and – Play System

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc., and PermaCity Solar today announced the second in a series of new photovoltaic (PV) product innovations being developed by the venture. The latest innovation, called FASTTRACKS(TM), is a new “plug-and-play” system integration technique for use with the companies’ recently announced AST 5000 series PV modules.

The vast majority of today’s commercial PV systems are silicon based and require that many rigid, heavy solar modules be connected in series to build voltage and then again in parallel to build current to achieve the necessary system power. Such installations require a labor intensive wiring scheme to connect a complex set of separate components together into a complete system.

Ascent Solar and PermaCity Solar envision a sea change to PV system integration through FASTTRACKS(TM) — a “plug-and-play” design that should make installation a literal “snap-in” process. With the planned AST 5000 series modules, all the series connections will be completely eliminated because all modules will be made-to-order and will produce power at the desired system voltage right out of the factory. This proprietary feature will leave only parallel connections during installation and opens up the opportunity for FASTTRACKS(TM) plug-and-play integration. PermaCity Solar and Ascent Solar anticipate that the time to install a typical large commercial rooftop PV system will be reduced from weeks to days.

The FASTTRACKS(TM) system consists of three continuous tracks with built-in switches. Each AST 5000 series module will have multiple copper tracks integrated into the end of each roll-out module, each feeding directly into the inverter. The module will be unrolled into position, and the generated power will be delivered within the module to one of the three tracks through a simple selector switch designating track one, track two, or track three. The system power then increases as each module adjoins the next adjacent module through the use of a simple “plug-and-play” connector until all modules are connected in identical parallel fashion and the system is complete.

Ascent Solar President and CEO Matthew Foster stated, “It is our unique ability to manufacture large roll format modules to a specific voltage regardless of size that enables a system as elegant as FASTTRACKS(TM). The modules actually also serve as the wiring pathway and eliminate the mess of wires and junction boxes normally needed to connect the smaller silicon modules together.”

Jonathan Port, President and CEO of PermaCity Solar stated, “When my people are on a 200 degrees F roof in the middle of summer installing PV systems, we want to complete the task quickly and efficiently. This new FASTTRACKS(TM) system will make integration a fast, simple, and easy task. We are also always cognizant of interfering with a customer’s activities. We know that they too, have customers and want to minimize the amount of time associated with installation.”

About Permacity Solar:

PermaCity Corp. is a leading system developer and integrator of state-of-the-art photovoltaic systems specializing in high quality, long life performance and is located in Los Angeles, California. PermaCity Solar has demonstrated particular expertise in designing and installing systems atop large commercial buildings, master planned communities, vertical high-rise structures and individual homes. PermaCity’s vision is the convergence of solar photovoltaic systems, software-driven advanced energy monitoring, environmentally friendly and energy efficient building materials. PermaCity’s industry leading techniques create 100% energy independent buildings and ultimately entire cities and communities. PermaCity believes that on-site clean energy generation can be achieved through the implementation of our solar photovoltaic systems, in a cost effective manner.

About Ascent Solar Technologies:

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. is a developer of state-of-the-art, thin-film photovoltaic materials and modules and is located in Littleton, Colorado. Please visit our website for additional information at

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