Canada Doubles Wind Energy Projects From 2005

Canada Doubles Wind Energy Projects From 2005

Wind farm construction in Canada doubled in 2006 from a year ago, enabling it to power 370,000 homes with the renewable energy, Canadian Wind Energy Association President Robert Hornung said Monday.

“We project that Canada will end the year with more than 700 MW of new wind energy projects installed,” Hornung said.

More than 500 MW of wind energy capacity has been built this year in Canada, up from the previous record of 240 MW in 2005, bringing the total to 1,218 MW, Hornung said in a statement.

Funding from the federal government that the association said has been critical for development, however, has not been available for new wind energy projects since April 2006.

Future funding depends on the government’s decision regarding the extent of its support in the industry, the Canadian Wind Energy Association said.

“Many companies signed contracts to build wind farms following commitments made by the previous government that federal support would be available,” Hornung said.

“Federal support has stimulated provincial governments to pursue wind energy development and they are now targeting a combined minimum of 10,000 MW of installed wind energy capacity by 2015 and (are) looking to the federal government to continue its role as a supporting partner.”

Industry members are meeting in the Prairie city Winnipeg, Manitoba, for the association’s annual conference, which will end on Oct. 25.

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