Chaclo seeks NDRC approval to develop Guinean bauxite mine

Chaclo seeks NDRC approval to develop Guinean bauxite mine

April 15, 2007 Filed Under: Bauxite Mining, Mining Services  

The Aluminum Corporation of China Ltd. (Chalco) has applied to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) for approval to develop bauxite mines in and around the Mamou Region of the African country of Guinea, the NDRC announced


Chalco plans to invest RMB 71.2 million ($9.22 million) in the Guinean bauxite project, according to NDRC’s announcement.

According to Chalco’s annual report 2006 released this March, Chalco has submitted an exploration plan to the Ministry of Mines of Guinea. The Ministry of Commerce of China (MOFCOM) announced last June that Chalco obtained permission in November 2005 to carry out geological surveys of Guinean bauxite reserves in the prefectures of Mamou, Kindia, Dalaba and Pita, a total area of 11,000 square kilometers. Chalco launched a 2 to 3 year exploration prospecting project last May.

The bauxite project is Chalco’s first in Guinea, according to MOFCOM. Chalco appointed Ren Xianhua as director for the Chalco-Guinea project last December.

Chalco’s other overseas projects include the Aurukun bauxite mining project in Australia, the Dak Nong bauxite mining project in Vietnam and the joint venture alumina refinery project with CVRD in Brazil.

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