Cong seeks CBI inquiry into mining bribery issue

Cong seeks CBI inquiry into mining bribery issue

September 20, 2006 Filed Under: Lead Mining, Mining Services  

The Congress in Karnataka today continued its pressure on the Kumaraswamy led Coalition government on the mining bribery issue and sought Governor T N Chaturvedi to use his discretionary powers to refer the Rs.150 crore bribery allegation to the CBI and to recommend for the dismissal of the Government.

Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council H K Patil, in a nine page letter to the Governor, released to the press here, said that the governor had powers vested by Article 163(2) of the Constitution could use his discretionary power to order such a probe.

He said ”it is time that your excellency take into cognizance the present political turmoil and turbulence and use your power to uphold the Rule of Law in Karnataka”.

Mr Patil, talking to newsmen, said that the Governor had expressed concern over the issue when a delegation of Congress leaders met him last time. He said the Supreme Court in the case of Madhya Pradesh Special Police Establishment Vs State of Madhya Pradesh had clarified that on exceptional cases the governor could act in his own discretion.

Mentioning the Supreme Court reference in his letter to the governor, he said ”it is recognised that there may be situations where by reason of peril to democracy or democratic principles an action may be compelled which from its nature is not amenable to ministerial advice. Such a situation may be where bias is inherent and/or manifest in the advice of the council of Ministers”.

He said in the current bribery allegation, there would be a bias in the recommendation of the council of Ministers for an inquiry, as those alleged in the charge included Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy and one of his cabinet colleagues.

Stating that the JD(S)-BJP government had uprooted the very concept of Rule of Law and was making a mockery of democracy, he said even the official machinery was not considering the allegations made by BJP Legislator Janardhan Reddy and were not inquiring into the veracity of the CDs and other evidences he had placed to substantiate his charge against Mr Kumaraswamy.

Mr Patil said the law and order situation in the city had gone worse and since April this year one murder was being reported every 36 hours.

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