Copper King Mining Corporation Provides Company Updates

Copper King Mining Corporation Provides Company Updates

May 21, 2008 Filed Under: Copper Mining, Mining Services  

Copper King Mining Corporation, an ore mining, processing, and exploration company located in Southern Utah, today provided company updates in answer to questions posed by investors concerning its advertising and PR plans for the near future.

Copper King recently terminated its relationship with Alexander Lindale, LLC its principal, Wilf Blum, and commenced managing its own corporate advertising and PR, effective May 1, 2008.

Additionally, management is currently negotiating with several independent third parties to manage its stock and interface with the investment community. At the present time less than 60,000,000 shares of the company’s total 2.5 billion authorized shares of common stock are in the public float. The majority of the company’s restricted stock is held by long-standing shareholders committed to the company’s long-term growth.

For more information, visit Copper King’s website at or contact Deborah Benson, at 801-232-1788.


Copper King Deborah Benson, 801-232-1788

Source: Copper King Mining Corporation

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