Demolition of mine collapse homes

Demolition of mine collapse homes

Work to demolish bungalows close to an exposed mine shaft in Cumbria was beginning on Monday.

Householders had to flee their homes in Egremont when a former iron ore mine caved in a year ago.

Last week Copeland Borough Council granted permission for the properties to be bulldozed to allow engineers to cap the shaft and make it safe.

Home Housing, which owns the bungalows, said demolition was the only way to allow residents to be rehoused.

A company spokesman said: “Home North West has continued to work closely with its customers affected by the mineshaft collapse at Greenmoor Road, Egremont, in order to identify suitable alternative accommodation for them.

“We have now been able to provide suitable alternative accommodation for all but two of our customers who are still living close to the mineshaft crater.

“Efforts to rehouse these customers and those still in temporary accommodation will continue in earnest.”

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