Drilling Underway at Golden Wonder 6 Level

Drilling Underway at Golden Wonder 6 Level

Saturday, August 23rd 2008

LKA International, Inc. reports that drilling is currently underway at Drill Station #1 located near the portal (surface) on the 6th Level of the Golden Wonder Mine, which is owned by LKA and operated by Richmont Mines. As previously announced, Richmont has the option to earn a 50% interest in the Golden Wonder by expending $18 million in exploration and development costs over a sixty-four month period.

Drilling contractor, Cabo Drilling Corp., is completing the second of two holes with a combined length of 1,917’ at Drill Station #1. The primary objective of drilling from this station is to test the lateral extent/existence of the Golden Wonder’s ore bearing structure nearest the surface.

Drilling is expected to commence at Drill Station #5 by the end of August. Station #5 is located nearest the ore producing zone, which yielded over 133,701 ounces of gold at an average grade of 16.01 ozs. per ton (453.87 grams p/t) on an intermittent basis from 1998-2006. The objective of drilling from this location is to test for parallel veins and structure depth (up to 200’) below the known ore zone. Assays from eight samples taken from this area by Richmont during 2007 averaged 16.82 ounces of gold per ton (476.84 grams p/t).

In his recent report entitled “A Guide for Future Exploration at the Golden Wonder Mine” Delmer L. Brown, PE, noted:

“The finding of such high-grade ore as has been recently achieved has not come as any great surprise. Occasionally, while developing the SUPCO winze and driving along the 4th level drift, the author’s sampling and assaying yielded exceptionally high gold values, in several instances exceeding a hundred ounces gold per ton. In making the underground assay maps, these high assay values were routinely discounted as anomalous, but the frequency of their occurrence, collectively considered with other important aspects of the vein mineralization and vein structure, provided suggestion that the deposit could develop into a significant gold deposit.”

Investors are cautioned that the current drilling program (exploratory in nature) may not lead to the discovery of an economically viable ore body and there can be no assurance that any discoveries, if made, will result in the production of ore possessing grades or volume previously realized by LKA and its operators.

LKA is a Gig Harbor, WA-based natural resource holding and development company. The Company’s primary assets are the Golden Wonder mine and the Ute-Ule silver mine and mill. Both of these properties are located in Hinsdale County, CO.

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