Drilling Underway on Petrostar’s First Bakken Well in SE Saskatchewan

Drilling Underway on Petrostar’s First Bakken Well in SE Saskatchewan

Petrostar Petroleum Corporation announces that it has initiated drilling of its first Bakken Well.

The first well will be drilled to a depth of approximately 900m-1,000m. The drilling is being conducted by Terroco Drilling Ltd. The next planned drilling location is approximately 4 miles from the current well site and all surveys and permits for the 2 additional wells to be drilled from this location have been received and the drilling will commence immediately after the initial well is completed. More information will be available as drilling progresses.

Petrostar Petroleum Corp. will drill the 3 initial wells in what it believes are 3 new pools of Bakken Oil in SE Saskatchewan. The drilling program on the first 3 wells is being conducted under the JV with LSRS as announced on June 2, 2008. More information on this and other projects is available on Petrostar’s web site at www.petrostarpetroleum.ca.

The leases are located in the SE Saskatchewan extension of the prolific Bakken oil play that covers Southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in Canada, and Montana and North Dakota in the USA.

The Company is continuing to locate and is currently acquiring additional lands within the general area of the Bakken play and Petrostar’s general area of interest.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Robert A. Sim,

President and Director

Contacts: Petrostar Petroleum Corporation 604-662-3005, ext. 105 thorgauti@petrostarpetroleum.ca


Source: Petrostar Petroleum Corporation

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