DTN Launches Ethanol Information Center Web Site

DTN Launches Ethanol Information Center Web Site

DTN, a leading business-to-business provider of real-time information services, October 13 launched the DTN Ethanol Information Center, a new Web site with comprehensive current market data and background information on ethanol from around the world.

The Web site … http://www.dtnethanolcenter.com/ … is available to the public and includes DTN’s industry-leading agriculture and energy market analysis, the latest news headlines from the ethanol industry, market data, revenue charts and an interactive blog.

DTN’s Ethanol Information Center offers in one central location a starting point for agricultural producers, traders and investors to receive the latest ethanol information for making informed business decisions.

The recent expansion of ethanol across the U.S. has triggered intense interest as the market and consumers begin to study its impact on markets and industry.

As a service to ethanol producers and traders, DTN’s Ethanol Information Center features the latest news and price information about ethanol, energy and corn, also providing futures information to assist traders and investors.

An ethanol blog will be updated daily offering DTN expert analysis on recent industry news and market issues.

DTN’s Ethanol Information Center will also feature a comprehensive resource center containing information on retail gas prices, the latest ethanol government regulations and industry research, ethanol history, ethanol production guidelines, locations of ethanol plants across the nation, upcoming ethanol industry events and related Web links of interest.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to keep ethanol producers, investors, farmers and the general agricultural and energy communities informed,” said Robert Gordon, chief executive officer, DTN.

“The DTN Ethanol Information Center is uniquely equipped to help industry professionals receive market information and tap into tools and resources they need to make smarter ethanol-related decisions.”

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