East West Resource Corporation: Seagull PGE-Copper-Nickel Drilling Program Completed

East West Resource Corporation: Seagull PGE-Copper-Nickel Drilling Program Completed

A eight-hole, 3895 metres drill program has been completed on the Seagull ultramafic intrusion located 85 kilometres north of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The purpose for the drilling program was to extend the known PGE (Platinum Group Elements) horizons that occur within the layered intrusion. Previous work had traced 3 upper horizons for a 750 metre in a north-south direction and 700 metre in an east-west direction.

Three of the new holes in the 2008 program were drilled to investigate a 400 metre long magnetic anomaly, 800 metres west of previous drilling, resulting in the discovery of a 50 metre thick and a 100 metre thick zone of disseminated sulphides which are likely to be PGE enriched. These sulphide zones appear to have accumulated in a trough at the base of the intrusion. The sulphides identified in sawn drill core are pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, and cubinite. Native copper was also found, within blebs of zoned sulphides. Polished thin sections reveal pentlandite flames within pyrrhotite. This sulphide assemblage was determined to be “enriched” in PGE metals with a 1:1 Pt:Pd ratio and high osmium content indicating a primary source of magma from the mantle of the crust.

These sulphides were originally discovered in 3 different layers within the intrusion, two high up in the dunite (olivine rich) phase and one at the base in a lherzolite-olivine pyroxenite basal phase. One of the better intercepts from the year 2000 drilling campaign was 4 metres with 0.27% copper, 0.27% nickel, and 2.92 grams per ton combined platinum and palladium, at roughly 1:1 ratio. (please see News Release July 5, 2004).

The Seagull project is a joint venture with Black Panther Mining Corp.

Splitting and assaying is expected to continue through the Christmas break with completion by year end. Assay results will released once they are received and compiled. It is expected that 900 samples will be analysed for Pt, Pd, Au, Cu, Ni as well as some multi element analyses and thin sections that are needed in order to further classify the host to the mineralization. Readers are invited to visit the company website www.eastwestres.com to see sections of this unique intrusive.

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