Elray Resources Building Presence in Areas of Known Gold Deposits

Elray Resources Building Presence in Areas of Known Gold Deposits

Elray Resources, Inc., a technically-driven mining and exploration company, is pleased to provide information to its shareholders on the Cambodian Gold Mining Industry.

The gold mining industry within Cambodia is currently in a state of growth and although considered small-scale by international standards, the scale and extent of operations is increasing. Sector expansion has been characterized by an increasing number of miners employed, ever more complex and deeper mine excavations, and the introduction of chemical-based gold recovery techniques that represent a movement up the technology curve.

In 1975 twelve gold deposits were known to exist within Cambodia having been identified by French geologists. Ten gold deposits were located in the western regions of Cambodia with a further two located in northwestern Cambodia.

Within a few years, seven new significant gold deposits had been discovered by local farmers in the northeast, instigating a ‘gold rush’ to the region.

There are currently 19 known significant gold deposits in Cambodia.

Gold continued its strong upward trend with the New York Spot Price closing at over $910 on Thursday evening.

Darius McDermott, the managing director of Chelsea Financial Services, says: “Gold tends to glimmer brightest under the backdrop of shaky equities, given its traditional negative correlation to rising stock markets. Time after time, in financial crisis, gold is looked upon as a refuge and safe haven for distressed investors rocked by falling share prices.”

Elray Resources, Inc. is a junior exploration and development Corporation which has successfully accumulated a portfolio of five highly prospective, heavily mineralized mining tenements in South-East Asia and Mexico. Elray Resources, Inc.’s primary objective is to source projects, conduct geological assessments and seek Joint Venture partners to develop the properties.

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