Energtek to Sponsor CNG-NGV Philippines Forum in Manila

Energtek to Sponsor CNG-NGV Philippines Forum in Manila

Tuesday, August 12th 2008

Energtek Inc., a world leader in the development of Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technology, will sponsor the Compressed Natural Gas – Natural Gas Vehicle (CNG-NGV) Philippines Forum, to be held at the Diamond Hotel, Manila, on August 27-28, 2008. CEO Lev Zaidenberg is scheduled to chair a session on the “Commercial NGV Conversion of Three-Wheelers in the Philippines.”

During the session Zaidenberg will detail Energtek’s progress implementing the mass-scale conversion of three-wheel vehicles (“tricycles”) in the Philippines to operate on natural gas. Zaidenberg will outline Energtek’s vision to meet the Filipino Government’s request of converting at least 500,000 tricycles, utilizing the principles of natural gas low-pressure compression and adsorption. The presentation will highlight the many financial, environmental and societal benefits that can be expected as a result of the conversions. In addition to the multimedia presentation, a recently converted tricycle will be on display.

The CNG-NGV Philippines Forum is a national conference focusing on the advanced promotion and use of domestic natural gas as a primary alternative energy source, particularly within the transportation sector. The theme of the conference is “Pushing CNG-NGV throughout Mega Manila by 2010.” Philippines’ Secretary of Energy, Angelo Reyes, and Secretary of Transportation and Communications, Leandro Mendoza, are scheduled to present keynote addresses at the conference.

“We are proud to provide sponsorship for the CNG-NGV Philippines Forum,” said Zaidenberg. “This conference demonstrates the Philippines’ dedication to providing clean and affordable alternative energy solutions throughout the country, particularly within the transportation sector. Using proprietary technology particularly suited to three-wheelers, Energtek is poised to emerge as a leading supplier of Natural Gas to tricycle drivers in the Philippines. We anticipate that our supply system will greatly contribute to the overall betterment of Filipino society.”

About Energtek

Energtek develops and applies proprietary low-pressure storage technology to provide complete well-to-wheel pipeless Natural Gas supply solutions to fleets of small vehicles and industrial consumers. Energtek’s Natural Gas solutions reduce pollution and alleviate consumer energy costs. Energtek provides a profitable alternative motor fuel solution for the large market of low-income 2- and 3-wheel vehicle drivers in Asia. Energtek operates subsidiaries in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. To learn more about Energtek, visit http://www.energtek.com

About Natural Gas Adsorption

Natural Gas storage technology utilizing the principles of adsorption, commonly known as Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) enables hi-tech and cost-effective storage of Natural Gas, by maximizing the quantities of gas stored in a tank. Low-pressure adsorption greatly reduces the infrastructure, fueling, and energy costs of supply solutions to consumers where no pipeline or refueling infrastructure is present. Energtek’s proprietary low-pressure compression technology enables new markets of motor vehicle fleets and large commercial consumers, to benefit from environmentally friendly and affordable Natural Gas. To learn more about the benefits of low-pressure Natural Gas storage technology, visit http://www.energtek.com.

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