EnviroXtract, Inc. Announces Its 2011 Business Strategy to Move Into New Markets and Provides Details on Its Plans to Execute That Strategy

EnviroXtract, Inc. Announces Its 2011 Business Strategy to Move Into New Markets and Provides Details on Its Plans to Execute That Strategy

Today EnviroXtract announced details of its new 2011 “Cross-Tech” Business Strategy. According to the Company’s CEO, Carlton Wingett, Cross-Tech is a new technology-driven business strategy that will open new markets and revenue opportunities for the Company.

“Cross-Tech refers to performance-based multi-Industry technologies that will drive our business strategy and focus for the coming year,” said CEO, Carlton Wingett. “Our mandate under our Cross-Tech Business Strategy is to harness all of the technologies that we have acquired, and those we have developed internally, and take the Company in a dynamic new direction. Under our new strategy, we will leverage each technology we have so that we may enter new markets and generate revenue for the Company,” Wingett said. “EnviroXtract is, first and foremost, a technology development company. Previously, the Company was focused almost exclusively on the development of environmental clean up and remediation technologies. However, during the last year, the Company has continued to develop and acquire technologies that have both multi-purpose and multi-industry applications. Beyond cleaning up oil spills and toxic chemical remediation, we are finding new applications for use in gold mining and precious metals processing, as well as promising new applications for agriculture and soil restoration. The Company hopes to use these technologies to expand its business to transition beyond environmental remediation into a technology driven company that can participate in a variety of new markets.”

This new Cross-Tech Business Strategy represents a significant change in the Company’s current business model, but CEO Wingett believes it is an easy transition for the Company to make. After meeting with its business consulting group and development teams, Management determined that it was time to leverage its various technologies to meet their full potential.

Wingett shared some of the steps that he and his management team hope to accomplish in order to execute upon their 2011 Cross-Tech Business Strategy as follows:

* Continue to develop and acquire proprietary technologies with multiple commercial applications in the environmental, mining, and agricultural markets * Identify synergies and cross-market opportunities for the Company’s current technologies * Increase revenues through joint-venture opportunities in the areas of technology development, environmental remediation, gold mining, precious metals processing, and agriculture * Hire additional executive level professionals specializing in environmental remediation, precious metals mining, oil and gas, and agricultural industries to assist the current management to execute on its 2011 strategy * Pursue large-scale multipurpose applications for the Company’s leading technologies and reduce development and spending on technologies that require excessive capital investments or that have less demand in the current market

* Move the Company up from Pink Sheets to the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board

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