Eskom increases coal stockpiles

Eskom increases coal stockpiles

Eskom has increased the coal stockpiles at power stations to an average of thirteen days, the utility said on Saturday.

Spokesperson and chief generation officer, Brian Dames, said of the five power stations with the lowest stockpile-days only one remained below the desired level.

Eskom announced that it aimed to secure 45 million tons of coal over two years to combat crippling coal shortages at coal-fired power generating stations.

To date Eskom had secured 37 million tons of coal, said Dames.

Eskom aimed to bring coal stockpiles to 20-days supply at all power stations.

“There is no station that has less than five days of coal at the power station,” Dames said.

Two stations were above 20 days. Six stations were between ten and fifteen days. Four stations were between five and ten days.

The recovery team was confident the target of increasing stock levels to 20 stock days would be met by winter.

A high level working team, established with the mining fraternity, was assisting in resolving the coal stock situation, Dames said.

A technical team was working on longer term matters such as the modification of coal handling facilities at the power stations to prevent a recurrence of coal handling problems.

“The coal stockpile days is a strategic priority and is receiving a high level focus. We are working at bringing the stockpile days to 20 days as soon as possible, and will maintain this thereafter,” Dames said.

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