Exotic Gemstone Collection From Stone Mart Adds Touch of Luxury to Design Projects

Exotic Gemstone Collection From Stone Mart Adds Touch of Luxury to Design Projects

Gemstones can transform the average living space into something truly extraordinary, and serve as an attractive element of any design project. Stone Mart, one of the country’s leading purveyors in exotic stone, granite countertops and marble flooring, continues to be a premier destination for exotic gemstones and unique accents that can be used for several purposes. From partition designs to complete walls made out of gemstone, the options at Stone Mart offer many creative opportunities for today’s luxury homeowner, designer and architects. Gemstones can be mixed together and customized to create a personalized color and look.

Exotic gemstones can be used to accent many types of natural stone to add a luxurious element to the final product. Many people are now turning to exotic gemstones from Stone Mart to build as bathrooms countertops, bar countertops, in an entryway, as a table for dining and entertaining and more to create a more dramatic effect.

Room dividers and partitions can become an attractive focal point of any room, and there are several gemstone collections to choose from. Precious stone such as Mother of Pearl, Tiger’s Eye, Jade and Amethyst have become increasingly popular choices for decoration and design in recent years. Luxury homeowners are also making use of exotic stone tile such as Wild Agate, Rose Quartz and Black Mother of Pearl.

The staff at Stone Mart help buyers find exactly what they need to enhance or create a unique living space. Stone Mart offers a state-of-the-art Designer Collection Showroom where buyers can explore, see and touch several types of stone. This showroom offers clients a chance to explore the gallery and learn more about different cuts of stone used in today’s most stylish homes and venues.

The exotic gemstone collection at Stone Mart is available for viewing in person in the Designer Collection Showroom, or online at http://www.stonemart.com.

Stone Mart has grown to become a premiere destination for designers, architects, and luxury homeowners searching for only the world’s finest selections in natural stones. From granite countertops to marble flooring, Stone Mart has become a leader in importing quality stone from around the world. All products are now showcased in the Designer Collection Showroom in California.

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