Freewest Commences Airborne Geophysical Survey and Ground Follow-Up Prospecting Program on George River Uranium Property

Freewest Commences Airborne Geophysical Survey and Ground Follow-Up Prospecting Program on George River Uranium Property

Mackenzie I. Watson, President and CEO of Freewest Resources Canada Inc., is pleased to announce that the Company has commenced an airborne geophysical survey and ground follow-up prospecting program on its George River uranium property (the “Property”). The Property comprises 3,247 mineral claims (7 claim groups) totalling 145,689 hectares (370,000 acres) and is located in the George River area of north-eastern Quebec and north-western Labrador, 175 kilometres north-east of Schefferville, Quebec and 125 kilometres west of the Voiseys Bay nickel-copper-cobalt deposit, currently being by mined by Inco Limited in Labrador.

Based on initial ground follow-up work, extensive research and compilation the Property is felt to offer excellent potential to host early to mid Proterozoic-age uranium deposits of various styles. These styles of mineralization include unconformity-related uranium deposits, iron oxide copper-gold-uranium deposits and disseminated granite-hosted uranium deposits (see news release of August 8, 2006). Unlike other Proterozoic-age intracratonic anorogenic belts in Canada such as the Athabasca, Thelon and Hornby Bay basins, the George River area is essentially unexplored, particularly for uranium.

Airborne Geophysical Survey:

Fugro Airborne Surveys of Toronto, Ontario have commenced a 4,050 line-kilometre integrated airborne geophysical survey involving gamma ray spectrometry (eU, eTh, eK), high sensitivity magnetics and frequency domain electromagnetics. The survey is intended to assist in exploring for the various styles of uranium mineralization mentioned above and is being monitored and interpreted on-site by an experienced geophysicist. It is anticipated that the airborne geophysical survey will be completed within seven to 10 days time and will provide several first-order exploration targets for the ongoing prospecting program.

Ground Follow-Up Prospecting Program:

An eight-person helicopter-supported prospecting-mapping program based out of Lake Mistinbi in the George River area of Quebec is also in progress. The initial targets for follow-up were generated during the research and compilation phase and include numerous uranium-arsenic-copper-nickel in-lake sediment anomalies, eU/eTh radiometric anomalies, known uranium showings (up to 0.38% U3O8) and radioactive occurrences as well as other sulphide showings. These targets are contained within a large early Proterozoic sedimentary basin and several nested, early to mid Proterozoic sedimentary basins that overlie Archean to early Proterozoic basement rocks comprising granite, granite gneiss and mafic metavolcanic rocks. The prospecting program is slated for completion towards the end of September or the first week of October. Results of the airborne survey and prospecting program will be released as they become available.

Luciano Venditelli, P. Geo. (Quebec), is the Qualified Person on-site on the George River project. Donald Hoy, P. Geo. (Ontario), Vice President of Exploration and a Director of Freewest Resources Canada Inc., is responsible for the preparation of this news release.

Freewest is a mineral exploration company exploring for gold, base-metals and uranium in Eastern Canada. Corporate information can be accessed on the Internet at Freewest’s shares are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange.

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Contacts: Freewest Resources Canada Inc. Mackenzie I. Watson President and CEO (514) 878-3551 or 1-888-878-3551 (514) 878-4427 (FAX)

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