Garneau Inc. introduces Reelpipe

Garneau Inc. introduces Reelpipe

Garneau Inc. introduces its new Flexible Pressure Pipe, “Reelpipe” developed for Canadian oilfield production applications for oil emulsion, gas gathering and water disposal.

Garneau “Reelpipe” is a high strength, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, robust, flexible pressure pipe developed for the petroleum industry. The product is made from thermoplastic and composite materials, which eliminate corrosion and reduce weight. This pipe has the structural strength and rugged characteristics of steel, yet is flexible and produced in continuous lengths. It can be installed more quickly and easily; provides a lower cost, and a superior alternative to traditional piping materials.

Most Reliable pipeline system at the lowest installed cost.

Garneau “Reelpipe” provides the lowest installed cost pressure piping solution, because it can be installed faster and quicker with less equipment and manpower, especially where conditions are difficult.

Garneau “Reelpipe” is internally and externally corrosion-resistant with thick HDPE inner and outer layers. Chemical inhibitor programs are eliminated. Flow properties and abrasion resistance are superior to steel pipe. Plant and Equipment trials are expected to commence fourth quarter 2008, with product availability ready for first quarter of 2009. “Reelpipe” will be manufactured out of the Camrose Facility, in addition to Garneau’s existing Pipe Coating production lines.

Glen Garneau, Garneau Inc. CEO, commented, “This new pressure piping technology continues Garneau’s tradition of providing quality corrosion-resistant piping solutions to the Canadian oil and gas industry for over 30 years.”

Garneau Inc’s primary business is the application of high performance protective coating and linings for oil and gas pipeline protection. Additionally, the Corporation designs and fabricates oilfield equipment for both domestic and international markets. With over 30 years of operating experience, Garneau Inc. has developed a significant level of expertise and is well know for innovative technology. The Corporation’s website can be accessed at

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