Global Energy and RAMTelecom to Provide Communications Network for Remote Oil and Gas Exploration Sites

Global Energy and RAMTelecom to Provide Communications Network for Remote Oil and Gas Exploration Sites

Global Energy Services Ltd. and RAMTelecom Inc. announced that Global Energy has been selected by one of North America’s major oil and gas exploration and production companies to provide the communications network for remote oil and gas exploration sites in western Canada. RAMTelecom will be the exclusive provider of satellite services required to support Global Energy’s communication network.

The one year contract, which has an option to renew, as required, represents a potential of $2 million in joint revenue per year.

As the satellite service provider, RAMTelecom will provide the satellite-based network infrastructure to enable broadband data, voice, fax and Internet communications from remote exploration rigs and camps across western Canada. Global Energy will provide the on-site communications systems, including mobile satellite phones and satellite connections that will give remote workers 24/7 access to co-workers on-site, with head office and with friends and family across the country. Global Energy will also provide wireless intercom services, cell repeaters and two-way radios to round out the communications network.

“This win is another example of the flexibility and scalability of our satellite-based broadband communications services,” said Gilles Desmarais, Chief Operating Officer of RAMTelecom. “It demonstrates how our voice, data and fax services can be used to create an efficient and effective business communication network for any organization operating outside of major urban centers.”

The RAMTelecom portion of the communications network will be built on RAMTelecom’s VSAT-based satellite broadband services. Those services are based on ViaSat Satellite Broadband System’s Linkstar(R) technology. LinkStar is a high-performance, VSAT system that delivers dynamic bandwidth allocation more efficiently and faster than other systems on the market. RAMTelecom owns and operates the only commercially available LinkStar satellite network in Canada.

“Combined with the RAMTelecom satellite infrastructure, our on-site systems provide a complete communications network that delivers the same speed and functionality to remote locations that corporate employees are used to having at head office and at home. These elements, supported by RAMTelecom’s and Global Energy’s service guarantees led to this win,” said Derek Begin, President and CEO of Global Energy.

The complete network met the customer’s requirements to improve the current rig and camp infrastructure and service, increase availability of communication, and support future network growth.

About Global Energy

Global Energy Services Ltd. is a leading provider of completely integrated communications and information system management solutions for the oil and gas industry. Global provides the latest wireless technologies, managed computer systems including all offerings from satellite and cellular providers. Global also provides a multi sensor wireless gas detection service to the oil and gas industry. Global’s ongoing investment in its fleet of rental assets and a commitment to working with its clients to provide innovative solutions to their needs has resulted in Global becoming a strategic partner to many of the oil and gas leading companies. Global was founded in 1994 and is listed on the TSX-V.

About RAMTelecom

RAMTelecom is a satellite service provider delivering flexible, scalable solutions for broadband data and voice business communications. RAMTelecom’s fixed and mobile satellite-based communication services and value-add solutions are designed for medium and large enterprises in oil and gas, mining, and forestry and government agencies. With complete coverage of the North American market, RAMTelecom’s satellite broadband services help organizations achieve greater operational efficiency by providing continuous real-time communications between central offices and remote locations anywhere in North America.

RAMTelecom Inc. is a publicly traded corporation, shares of which are listed for trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under symbol RTC.

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