Hahn proposes new Nebraska energy industry

Hahn proposes new Nebraska energy industry

Democratic gubernatorial nominee David Hahn on Wednesday presented a plan to create a renewable energy industry in the state.

Heading his list of ”alternative, sustainable, renewable” energy sources in Nebraska was wind power.

”Wind offers a great opportunity” for generation of electricity,” Hahn told a news conference at the State Capitol.

”Wind power could actually become an energy export,” he said.

”Wind could be Nebraska’s coal,” Hahn said.

Nebraska ”lacks vision and leadership” in energy development, he said.

”My vision is to transform Nebraska from a state with a trivial approach to sustainable energy development into the nation’s energy leader.

”I will set Nebraska on a course to be a net energy exporter by the year 2025,” Hahn said.

If he’s elected, Hahn said, the state would become proactive, recognizing energy is ”the lifeblood of our economy and inextricably linked to environmental quality and national security.”

Included in his energy proposal is further development of ethanol and biodiesel fuels.

Hahn said his plan would create local ownership structures for the emerging new industry.

”In the short term,” he said, ”we can lower energy costs for Nebraska.

”In the long term, we can create thousands of jobs with good pay and create a sustainable energy infrastructure independently owned by Nebraskans so that wealth created by Nebraskans is reinvested in Nebraska’s communities.”

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