Hyperdynamics Answers Investors Frequently Asked Questions

Hyperdynamics Answers Investors Frequently Asked Questions

Hyperdynamics Corporation, in response to increasing interest from investors about the company’s progress, has made available an extensive question and answer document on its website. The “Frequently Asked Questions” section addresses issues ranging from the company’s 2007 work plan for its concession offshore Guinea, to financing needs, to its plans for its domestic subsidiary. This comprehensive “FAQ” document is available at http://www.hyperdynamics.com in the “About” section.

About Hyperdynamics

Hyperdynamics Corporation provides energy for the future by exploring and producing sources of energy worldwide. The Company’s internationally active oil and gas subsidiary, SCS Corporation, owns rights to explore and exploit significant acreage offshore the Republic of Guinea, West Africa. HYD Resources Corporation focuses on domestic production in proven areas. To find out more about Hyperdynamics Corporation, visit our Website at http://www.hyperdynamics.com .

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