K Line Launches Coal Carrier for Electric Power Development Co. (J-Power)

K Line Launches Coal Carrier for Electric Power Development Co. (J-Power)

“K” Line – has launched an 88,000 DWT coal carrier, the JP GUNJO, at the Marugame Shipyard of Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. on June 29th.

JP GUNJO is the same type of ship as “K” Lines original Corona series fleet for transporting thermal coal. The ship will carry thermal coal to the seven thermal electric power stations in Japan.

The name “JP GUNJO” is derived from “J-Power” which is the appellation of “EPDC” and from the Japanese name “GUNJO” one can imagine the color of the sea, especially the beautiful deep blue ocean at Matsuura, Nagasaki, Japan where EPDC’s Thermal Power Station is located.

JP GUNJO is same type as “K” Line’s specialized fleet for transport of thermal coal known as the “Corona-series”. The Corona-series, which “K” Line originated and continues to develop, consists of epoch-making coal carriers equipped with wide beam and shallow draft, which are the most suitable type to enter ports of domestic Thermal Power Stations to discharge cargo.

The new coal carrier, which incorporates all latest specifications, will replace her older sister “SUIREI MARU” who has been in service as dedicated vessel for EPDC since 1996, and she will be principally involved in long-term service carrying thermal coal to EPDC’s 7 Thermal Power Stations which are located all over Japan.

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