Laser Cladding Services® Introduces LaserHeatTM Pinpoint Treating

Laser Cladding Services® Introduces LaserHeatTM Pinpoint Treating

Laser Cladding Services, Inc. today announced the introduction of LaserHeatTM Pinpoint Treating, a high-powered laser pin-point heat treating process, to their vast array of laser capabilities that extends the lifecycle of critical parts.

LaserHeat dramatically enhances the metallurgical properties of a part within a specific critical wear area by providing surface hardening to a localized area without altering the chemistry of the entire part. The process offers many advantages over typical flame and induction hardening methods that require the entire part to be heated, such as low thermal input, very minimal distortion, higher part processing speeds and incredibly accurate case depths.

The LaserHeat pinpoint surface hardening service can be applied to many high-wear components such as spindles, transmission shafts, pump shafts, sleeves, locomotive engine cylinders, hydraulic cylinder rams, mixing paddles, and many other offshore and onshore components that are continually exposed to volatile or stressful environments.

“Our new LaserHeat system is perfect for pin-point protection on parts used in high-stress, high-heat environments that cause advanced wear on critical components,” said Jim Kowske, president of Laser Cladding Services. “For example, we can take a normal spindle of 4140 steel and increase the surface hardness to 55 HRC with 0.020” of case depth and very minimal distortion. The process offers unparalleled surface hardening improvements.”

For more information on the LaserHeat surface hardening process, along with other services offered by Laser Cladding Services, visit, or call 1-800-856-8082.

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